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A Separation 2011 720 Watch & Download

A Separation 2011 When Nader, a bank employee, refuses to leave Tehran, his wife, Simin sues for divorce in the hope that she can make a better life for their young daughter abroad. Needing someone to care for his senile father while he’s at work, Nader hires Razieh, a married …

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Salyut 7 (2017) Watch Online & Download

Salyut 7 HOME USSR, June 1985. Based on actual events. After contact with that space station is lost, cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh dock with the empty, frozen craft, and bring her back to life. In 1985, cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh bring the Salyut 7 space station back …

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Hostages (2017) Watch Online & Download

Hostages HOME The movie describes real events that took place in 1983, when seven young Georgians, all from intellectual elite families, attempted to flee the Soviet Union by hijacking an airliner. The crisis ended with a storming of the airliner by Soviet special forces that resulted in eight dead. The …

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Attraction (2017) Watch Online & Download

Attraction HOME After an alien ship crash lands onto a Russian city, many who saw it and the occupants start to question their own existence while there are those who demand the aliens leave Earth. Attraction is a 2017 Russian science-fiction drama film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The plot tells about …

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Custody 2017 720p Free Watch & Downlad

Custody 2017 Home Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine pleads his case as a scorned dad whose children have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. Unsure who …

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